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How to Tell Your Company’s Story: The Reimagined Remix

There’s nothing I like better than when good content begets other good content. After all, producing content is a relative cinch. But producing good (or even great!) content? That’s a lot harder. Which is why you’ve got to make sure you squeeze every last drop of engaging goodness out of every piece of content you […]

Content Rules Paperback Now Out

Sorry we haven’t been sharing as much around these parts, but it isn’t because Ann and I don’t still love you because we do!!! We once again want to thank everyone for buying, sharing, reviewing and using Content Rules. Everywhere we go people are talking about it. Professors keep telling us how they are using […]

Still Think You Can Ignore Video?

We talk a lot about the importance of using video as part of your content marketing mix. As some more fuel for the fire we suggest you check out a new site from Google called One Hour Per Second.   If you don’t understand the name, that is the average amount of new video content […]