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Still Think You Can Ignore Video?

We talk a lot about the importance of using video as part of your content marketing mix.

As some more fuel for the fire we suggest you check out a new site from Google called One Hour Per Second.


If you don’t understand the name, that is the average amount of new video content uploaded to YouTube.

To help you wrap your head around just how much that is, they also created this perfect little fun video.

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Rotterdam Loves Content Rules

The team at Coopr are big fans of the book and invited me over for their annual An Evening With event.

They surprised everyone with a free copy of the book. Of course I signed all of them.

Here is a highlight video from the event. Talk about reimagining instead of recycling!

And yes I can now confirm that the importance of content crosses borders and language!

You KNOW Content Rules, But What About Common Sense?

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of speaking BlogWorld and giving one of the morning track keynotes.

I wanted to talk about our themes from Content Rules, but wanted to drive home the point that even with the coolest, most engaging content in the world, it will fail if you don’t use manners and smart business skills to share it with others. To me this is common sense, but in example after example I showed how it obviously isn’t for the brands that are doing it wrong.

I hope you enjoy the video and we’d love your feedback in the comments of course.

It’s Frankenspeak Friday! (Are You Scared Yet?)

Today is Frankenstein Friday — an event that celebrates the birth of the famous freak. We’re co-opting the holiday to celebrate our favorite kind of related monster, Frankenspeak.

Frankenspeak is convoluted text that doesn’t sound like it was spoken by a human, but instead sounds like it was created in a laboratory. Sometimes it reads like someone bolted-on words to create a terrifying string of nonsense (“our mission-critical, scalable, high-performance, unparalleled, game-changing solution”) or bloated bit of buzzwords. Either way, it’s sales-y language and useless marketing hype.

C.C. and I wrote about the words and phrases that we’d like to ban from marketing, sales, corporate communications, business schools, blogs and boardrooms in the book. But since today is a day to celebrate the scary, here’s to Frankenspeak!

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Happy Frankenspeak Friday!

C.C. Talks Content on Social Media Examiner

While we were both in Cleveland speaking and attending Content Marketing World, C.C. sat down to discuss how content marketing builds trusted relationships with the team from Social Media Examiner.

Music Video Book Review?

We’ve got some pretty damn creative fans out there and this morning we were reminded of this when Paul Flanigan posted a review of Content Rules.

He didn’t take the usual route and instead showed the world a perfect example of our rule of Do Something Unexpected.

Thank you for making our day and now if you’ll please excuse me I’ve got some hair metal to listen to.

Just Hit Publish

I just discovered this jolt from PAB 2011 by the very talented Susan Murphy and had to share it with everyone here because we fully agree with her.

Each of you has your own unique voice and look at the world. Because of that when you create content it will always have a little bit of you in it and that is what makes it interesting and appealing to others.

There are plenty of excuses for why you don’t want to start embracing content, but none of them are good ones.

Just hit publish!

Road Trip to Burlington, Vermont

Ever since we first got asked to come to Vermont as part of the book tour while we were looking for things to do in Iowa, we knew this meant one thing: ROAD TRIP!

Ann and I were excited to be part of Burlington, Vermont Social Media Breakfast and with a beautiful 3-4 hour drive to get there we thought it would be fun to video the whole thing and make a fun piece of content out of it.

As life often does, schedules change and special props that were suppose to make this trip even cooler never came through, but as with everything we just rolled with it.

I decided that even going solo, I’d still make the video as a good challenge to get better shooting on the road. As you’ll see, the story of the road trip took a strange twist as Mother Nature decided to throw tornados at Massachusetts and directly at my house and family.

Except for the fact that copies of our book did not arrive due to being out of print, the event went off without a hitch and I guess I should mark my calendar to return back in two years to keep the streak alive.


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Talking Content & Curation on InboundNow

Last Sunday instead of chilling out in my PJs with my coffee and iPad in front of the morning news programs, I jumped on the computer to be a guest on HubSpot’s Inbound Now.

Content Rules Sails in to Orlando

I recently was brought down to Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida to speak about Content Rules to the students and staff.

I wrote about my Full Sail experience on my own blog, but I wanted to share it here as well because they’ve just posted the recording of my speech and we know that while we’d love to come to every town in the world, that isn’t going to happen.

This way, you at least get a flavor for what a book tour stop might be like. We hope other venues capture them as well so that we can share as many as possible since each time we get in front of an audience it is a bit different.

If curious, the setting was a lecture room with over 150 students, professors and guests in the room. They were also live streaming it, where another 300 or so people were watching and asking questions. Before I knew it two hours had gone by.

Watch, enjoy and then let us know what you think.