Content Rules – Give Us a Listen

We’ve been amazed how often the question of “when will Content Rules be available as an audiobook?” has been raised.

After what seemed like far to long (it was out of our control), we are happy to say that you can now order it from your favorite audiobook seller.

“Best” part is that instead of some throaty Shakespearean actor reading the book you get to listen to the smooth sounds of both Ann & C.C. reading it.

Here are some links to the stores we know of. If you find others, please let us know.

Oh, and has anyone made an official decision if it is audio book or audiobook? We can’t determine which is correct.


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3 Responses to “Content Rules – Give Us a Listen”

  1. Oblevins Says:

    This book rocks! I’m on my second “listen”. Met CC last year @ IMS and looking forward to seeing more great content from he and his co-uthor. I have used several of the examples showcased in the case studies for some time now and will confirm that these examples work. I’m excited to use several of the new ideas in my social media strategies moving forward.

  2. Mystorymypost Says:

    Really love this book, gives you the right direction clearly. The book is always on my workspace for guide. I’m a newbie blogger and it really helps me a lot. (I also have ClickZ in my Flipboard) .Just want to say that I mentioned your book in my blog. All the best!

  3. Santiagorios Says:

    I´m in the middle of the book…  it just get better and better every new page. Thanks for all the knowledge you share… A comment and a question: People in my country are going nuts with 2.0 or social media stuff.. However I keep saying that a 2.0 is pointless if you do not have relevant content to feed those social media channels you create. My clients and prospects had began to understand why content matter, but they insist with the 2.0 strategy efforts… question: does it make sense to offer a client both a content strategy and a social media strategy? can I include a social media strategy within the content strategy? I mean both things integrated….  Even though, I love your book, there is not a blueprint or guideline for creating a content strategy plan.. where can I get something like that?  thanks a lot in advance for your answer.