Just Hit Publish

I just discovered this jolt from PAB 2011 by the very talented Susan Murphy and had to share it with everyone here because we fully agree with her.

Each of you has your own unique voice and look at the world. Because of that when you create content it will always have a little bit of you in it and that is what makes it interesting and appealing to others.

There are plenty of excuses for why you don’t want to start embracing content, but none of them are good ones.

Just hit publish!


3 Responses to “Just Hit Publish”

  1. ronploof Says:

    If only executives could heed this message and get out of their own ways, their companies would be so much closer to their customers.

  2. Stan Dubin Says:

    Good one, C.C. She was effectively blunt at the end there.

  3. “You’re Already Interesting” | Jess In Ohio Says:

    […] the Content Rules […]