C.C. Talks Content on Social Media Examiner

While we were both in Cleveland speaking and attending Content Marketing World, C.C. sat down to discuss how content marketing builds trusted relationships with the team from Social Media Examiner.

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  • Pete Kici

    I have read the book and Ann,and CC are right on about connecting with people,everyone is not going to like what your doing or is interested in what you have to say,lets face we’re all different and those that are looking for you and your stuff are the people you want to talk to anyway.
    If your not out there producing quality content your never going to connect with those that want to connect with you.
    If a tree falls in the middle of the forest and no one hears it did it make a noise? same applies to your content if your thinking about writing an article or blog post but decide to do it later and never do it who did you miss meeting?maybe no one would have paid attention but maybe someone would have found the answer to their problem and now your connected…
     to a person  that is interested in what you have to say you..

    That’s my take

    Pete Kici