Content Rules Sails in to Orlando

I recently was brought down to Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida to speak about Content Rules to the students and staff.

I wrote about my Full Sail experience on my own blog, but I wanted to share it here as well because they’ve just posted the recording of my speech and we know that while we’d love to come to every town in the world, that isn’t going to happen.

This way, you at least get a flavor for what a book tour stop might be like. We hope other venues capture them as well so that we can share as many as possible since each time we get in front of an audience it is a bit different.

If curious, the setting was a lecture room with over 150 students, professors and guests in the room. They were also live streaming it, where another 300 or so people were watching and asking questions. Before I knew it two hours had gone by.

Watch, enjoy and then let us know what you think.