Author Crack Ups

After months locked away in our offices writing the book we finally got out to attend the Inbound Marketing Summit 2010 at Gillette Stadium.

In a moment of stress relieving laughter the very talented Derek Wilmot captured this photo of Ann & C.C.

We thought you’d enjoy it.

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  • Excellent picture.

  • When I do Content Strategy for the Web 2nd Edition I’m just going to put this on the cover.

  • Two marketing smarties – one photographer?

  • Caption Contest?

  • I think the caption may be: “Was that you?” “NO, was that you?” – “Ok, where’s the Dog?”

  • “Can’t believe how BAD the Red Sox were this year….it’s laughable….haahhhaa”

  • “Scott thinks we were serious about liking his book! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!”