First Sighting in the Wild

Earlier today, Ann and I both got our first copies hot off the presses. We’ve both been on emotional highs ever since the packages were delivered.

Then, moments ago we got notified of the first other copy in the wild from our friend (and fellow Wiley author) Steve Garfield.

Content Rules Photo Strip

We had no idea that anyone else would be getting early copies like this so it was VERY cool to see. Especially from someone like Steve.

When you get a copy of the book, we encourage you to take photos of it and wherever you post them tag them with #ContentRules and letting us know about them.

As always Steve, thank you for the support.

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6 Responses to “First Sighting in the Wild”

  1. Ricardo Bueno Says:

    Congratulations Ann and C.C., very cool and excited for both of you!!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    We are over the moon…. thank you.

  3. DJ Waldow Says:

    Gotta love Steve’s facial expressions…

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I know, right? The Jim Carrey of Social Media.

  5. Martin Lieberman Says:

    Consider me jealous.

  6. Marcus Sheridan-The Sales Lion Says:

    Thrilled for you both, can’t wait to check it out.