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Capturing the Moment

Walk with me a bit down memory lane will you?

I’m one of those guys who likes to capture every moment even if I don’t have plans to ever share it with anyone. As a photographer I’ve always believed in capturing the moment when it happens because you can’t turn back time if you later decide that you wish you had. More then once I have wished I documented something, but for one reason or another I didn’t. That is why I try to make sure I have some form of camera with me wherever I go.

In that vein, when I signed the book contract from Wiley for Content Rules I was in front of my computer so I fired up the web cam and took this photo to send to Ann to show her it was official. Plus, I figured at some point I’d want to post it so others could get a giggle out of it.

Of course my slightly cautious look gave Ann a good laugh so she returned the favor by taking one herself and sending it to me.

Why am I sharing these with you? (more…)