Home Stretch!

C.C. and I are in the home stretch of finishing the book!

The manuscript is due July 1 July 15 Monday (!) (thank you for your patience, Shannon and Beth!), which means that this little corner of my office is where I’ve been spending all my waking hours lately.

If this photo had audio, you’d be hearing persistent, intermittent knocking on my office door. That would be my family, “Hello in there! When are you coming out?” Good thing it doesn’t; you might be more tempted to answer it than I have been. (Sorry, guys.) (Also, it would be embarrassing for me to have you witness my grouchy response.)

Anyway, I thought you’d enjoy the annotated (“Ann-otated?”) version of my writing space:

A few notes:

  • “Critical reminders from DM Scott” are Post-It notes from the first conversation I had with David about this book, last January. He said, “Write for rock bands, churches, B2B, B2C, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, consultants, individuals, and so on. Don’t limit yourself to the world you know best.” So we haven’t.
  • “Inspiration from Hugh M.” is this print from Hugh MacLeod.
  • One of the book in the pile on the floor is Tim Ferriss‘s The 4-Hour Workweek. Oh, the sweet irony….
  • Under the desk (always) is Simon. (Love that dog.)

Big thanks to Shelley Ryan for her production and creative assistance with this post!

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  • I thought my desk was messy, but I think it might be a tie.


  • That was fun. I can't wait for your book. I know it will be a terrific and informative read. XOJA.

    • annhandley

      Thanks, Jon. And not boring. Going for that, too. : )

  • Just ran across the blog. Love it. Looking forward to the book.

  • CBWhittemore

    Love it! You go, girl. We're all there with you….

    • annhandley

      Thanks, CB! Great to have the support of friends! (And the faithful companion. But that's another story.)

  • Anne: Still laughing at “Dot-com Era Souvenir.” If this book writing stuff doesn't work out, how about moving to Chicago and hitting up 2nd City. I'll be your manager. Serious (kinda).

    DJ Waldow

    • annhandley

      Triple Serious?

      • Just double … hence the “Serious (kinda)” line. Then again, show me the $$ and you never know…

  • Debora

    I am writing too, a leadership book, and had to laugh at this post, I know how it is! Only I have two golden retrievers as companions, staring me down for encouragement or boredom I don't know. While I have a publisher for the book I am considering doing a proposal for Wiley as well. Any hints on how to be successful with that? I can't wait to get the book, love the title and cover. Excited to see you are premarketing it now, I was told one had to wait until the book was only 60 days from delivery or publication print. Comments on that? Thanks!

    • annhandley

      Hi Debora: Thanks for stopping by!

      RE Wiley: I'm a total noob. Can I reserve advice on that? Luckily, we have veteran book (and Wiley) writer David Meerman Scott as our champion, so he helped *a lot.* This has been an interesting process — and I'm happy to talk off-blog at some point (email me at ann@marketingprofs)

      Re premarketing: Hadn't heard the 60-day rule. Oops. The truth is that C.C. and I were anxious to talk about it, so we just went for it. Crazy? Bad idea? Maybe. Following our gut and instinct, though, which is to share what we are doing as we are doing it. Hence this post.

  • This is such an excellent insight on you Ann! Great comment balloons and narrative too 🙂 Something about the 4-Hour Workweek taunting you makes me laugh out loud.

    • annhandley

      Thanks! I mean, sort of. ; )