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Help Us Choose an Authors Photo: Vote for Your Favorite?

You may not know that I’m a bit of a photography junky. It is pretty much a guarantee that anytime you see me, I have a camera of some sort on me and I’m constantly taking pictures of the world around me. My favorite are faces and people in general. If curious you can view my photos on Flickr.

So when Ann and I wanted some photographs of the two of us together I wanted to be sure to choose a photograph that I knew would be able to capture our unique personalities and I knew that my talented friend Derek Wilmot would be perfect for the assignment. He is known around New England as a top notch event and portrait photographer and I’ve been lucky enough to get to know him over the past few years and love his work.

These pictures were taken to use in promotions for our book tour, in newspaper and magazine articles and by you to help spread the word about the book. If you do use them in any way, you must be sure to credit Derek and link to his site at

As we talk about at length in the book, giving proper credit for any content you use is not only the legally right thing to do, but it is a common courtesy that you should never forget. Thanks for the great photography work as always Derek!

Of course, now the real question remains. Which one is your favorite?

Curry Lunch Inspired Video Update

Can you believe that September is already here? Where did the summer go? We spent most of ours with our computers putting the final touches on the book and we wanted to update everyone on the status of the book with this video update.

After a nice curry lunch we found a bench in the shade and recorded this for you.

Thanks again to David Meerman Scott, author of the hit new book Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead (and several other awesome books), for taking time out of his busy schedule to have lunch with us and talk about marketing for the book.

As we mention in the video, we are putting the final touches on ideas for how to schedule a book tour and yes we would love to come to your town, but we have to figure out how to make that happen. Details will be coming soon.

Until then please pre-order a copy from your preferred online bookstore and we’ll be back shortly with more great content.

Raising Awareness For The Book

Part of any good content strategy is to insure that you are not the only one creating content around whatever it is that you want to raise awareness for.

What I mean by that, is if the only people creating content about our book is ourselves, then that isn’t very successful. It is always better when people are excited enough to create the content for you in their own voices. This can often scare a brand who is use to the old days when they could control every word and visual about them. That is no longer the case.

So recently when I was having coffee with my friends Mike & Christine from Awareness and they asked if they could film a quick video interview with me about the book I said sure. As you’ll hear, there seems to be a trend of filming on busy streets when it comes to this book. *laugh*

Be sure to read the whole post that goes along with this video and learn more about all the other great content they are sharing on the Awareness Community site.

We are big fans of the team at Awareness and as a special inside scoop, there are rumors that we’ll be doing a webinar with them later this year. Shhh….it is our little secret. *grin*