Curry Lunch Inspired Video Update

Can you believe that September is already here? Where did the summer go? We spent most of ours with our computers putting the final touches on the book and we wanted to update everyone on the status of the book with this video update.

After a nice curry lunch we found a bench in the shade and recorded this for you.

Thanks again to David Meerman Scott, author of the hit new book Marketing Lessons from the Grateful Dead (and several other awesome books), for taking time out of his busy schedule to have lunch with us and talk about marketing for the book.

As we mention in the video, we are putting the final touches on ideas for how to schedule a book tour and yes we would love to come to your town, but we have to figure out how to make that happen. Details will be coming soon.

Until then please pre-order a copy from your preferred online bookstore and we’ll be back shortly with more great content.

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10 Responses to “Curry Lunch Inspired Video Update”

  1. Adrian Ott Says:

    Ann and C.C.

    Congratulations on your forthcoming book! re: Book Tours. Perhaps you might want to consider reinventing the book tour using the latest TelePresence videoconferencing technology?

    I just launched my new book The 24-Hour Customer using Cisco’s public TelePresence Suites to reach my audience faster and to manage my travel schedule. During this launch, we were able to link our celebration in Silicon Valley with my publisher (HarperCollins) in NYC and with my community in L.A. More details here on Cisco’s blog:

    Cisco’s TelePresence is now available in several hotel chains. I plan to hold more author events using this technology in the coming months.

    Please contact me if you would like to me to share best practices about the process.

    Adrian Ott
    Author, The 24-Hour Customer

  2. C.C. Chapman Says:

    Thanks for swinging by Adrian and the congrats.

    While I love what Cisco is doing, nothing beats face-to-face and I think that is where the real power of doing a book tour comes in because it allows you to interact, hug and shake hands with the readers, fans and friends who come to these sort of events.

    Until they invent a technology that can give a hug across thousands of miles I’d personally rather be face to face. But, I totally understand where you are coming from. This opens up a lot of possibilities.

  3. DJ Waldow Says:

    If all goes well with the @unmarketing #UnBookTourSLC (that’s Salt Lake City), maybe we can pull something off here in the 801. You are both kick ass speakers and cool people. 2011. Also, we’ll have to see how Ann does on the BSF webinar…

    Details of the UnMarketing event here:

    DJ Waldow
    Director of Community, Blue Sky Factory

    P.S. Fargo?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    “We’ll see how Ann does…” I’ll get you for that comment…

  5. David Meerman Scott Says:

    Love the vid – thanks for joining me for a great lunch.

    I started the book last night. Great job — I’ll let you know when I’m done!


  6. Anonymous Says:

    I’m resisting the urge to call you right now… “Are you done yet? Are you done yet…? How about now..? Or… now? Done? Yet?”

    : )

  7. C.C. Chapman Says:

    Bummer, I was really hoping for a “It was so good I couldn’t go to sleep without finishing it” quote for the back cover. *laugh*

  8. Anonymous Says:

    I’m psyched for this book to come out! I’ve got as few other books with the DMS foreword, and I like the theme and approach. I’m working with others at my company now to adopt a more content-focused strategy, and I think this book will be a nice winter holiday gift. 🙂

  9. C.C. Chapman Says:

    We think it would make a great gift too so feel free to order multiple copies. *grin*

    Can’t wait to hear what you think about it once you’ve had a chance to read it.

  10. Anonymous Says:

    “Content Rules”: The Ultimate Stocking Stuffer. Love the idea of that… : )